NOW AVAILABLE: New Luxury Metallic Media

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Give your images an added boost of colour with our Metallic media

Compatible with DS620A and DS820A DNP printers

Metallic Media

DNP Luxury media is specially designed with a metallic colour layer that will bring your images to life like never before.

The new Metallic media accentuates eye-popping colour for vibrant images — bringing out the bright energy and detail of sports and wildlife images, landscapes, sunsets, cityscapes and much more.

DNP Luxury media is designed to meet the growing, diverse demands for commercial and personal prints and enables photographers to elevate and expand their customer print options — keeping customers coming back for more.

Metallic DNP Luxury media will deliver the most vibrant and unique dye-sublimation prints the industry has ever seen. Set your images apart from everyone else with these new offerings for your customers.

Metallic media is available as a premium, single-roll package and are compatible with DS620A and DS820A DNP printers.

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Ideal for:

  • Event Photo – green screen, corporate events, black tie affairs, prom… accentuate vibrant colours.
  • Landscape/Cityscape – accentuate vibrant sunsets or blue ocean backgrounds.
  • Action Sports – football, baseball, soccer, etc… watch the players leap off the page.
  • Business Art – studio, lounge, reception, hall art, conference room, article reprints… accessorise any room in the office.


  • Premium single-roll packaging
  • Traditional Prints: 5×7, 6×8, 8×12
  • Compatible with DS620A and DS820A DNP printers
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