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DNP Wireless Connect Module WCM

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under 10 available

  • Wirelessly print from macOS and iOS devices
  • Supports DNP printers
  • Easy configuration
  • Print to multiple printers
  • Perfect for small to medium size events

under 10 available



Wireless Ready

Easily print wirelessly from macOS, iOS, Windows , and Android  devices. The WCM allows iPad  booth operators to expand their offerings by seamlessly printing their photo booth images.

Compatible with DNP Printers

The WCM supports these award-winning DNP printers.

Easy to Configure

The WCM’s admin page is accessed through a browser and allows the user to add printers, change print sizes and settings.

WiFi Hotspot

The WCM creates a WiFi hotspot that allows event attendees to print to DNP printers from their phones without connecting to the venue’s WiFi network.

Connects to Your Network

WCM connects to your network to provide Internet access – allows you to print and send images to social networks simultaneously.

Print to Multiple Printers

Connect multiple printers to allow for even faster output, or connect an 8” printer to allow for larger print sizes.


For full specifications, download the Product Data Sheet


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