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DS-620 – with rewind function

$1,760.00 inc GST

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DNP DS620 6-inch roll fed dye sublimation printer

Ultra compact high-speed photo printer with added features & improved efficiency

  • Rewind function (Please note that the DS-620A model available in other markets does not have this function)
  • Roll back function– More & new print size options from same roll of media;
  • Compact & lightweight – 14% smaller and 2kg lighter than DS40;
  • Multi-finish – Print gloss or matte without changing paper/media.

Maximum Order Quantity 2

In stock

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The DS620: Your Trusted Professional Digital Photo Printer

The DS620, renowned for its versatility in print size options, swift output, and innovative print technology, stands as an invaluable asset for professional photographers and retail store operators who offer photo-printing services. This printer is designed to enhance revenue generation and elevate the quality of photo prints.

The DS620 has the capability to produce stunning panoramic photos in dimensions of 6″x14″ and 6″x20″, utilizing DNP’s 6″x8″ media. To enable panoramic printing, it’s imperative that the DS620A printer is operating on firmware version 1.52 or later and printing through DNP’s new Hot Folder Print (HFP) Utility version 2.2 or later.

Panoramic prints can be created using standard DS620 media, with the following media consumption:

  • 6×14 size prints use the equivalent of 2 6×8 prints worth of media.
  • 6×20 size prints use the equivalent of 3 6×8 prints worth of media. (Note: When printing panoramic prints, the printer will process the image in sections, with the paper exiting and rewinding into the printer several times before being cut. Standard and enlargement print trays are not compatible in this mode.)

Measuring a mere 10.8 inches in width, 14.4 inches in depth, and 6.7 inches in height, the DS620 boasts a small footprint that facilitates easy transportation and stacking, making it an ideal companion for photographers seeking mobility, speed, and high-output functionality.

One of the standout features of the DS620 is its impressive speed, with a 14 percent increase in image throughput per hour. It can produce standard 4″x6″ images in less than nine seconds, while 5″x7″ prints are ready in approximately 15 seconds.

The DS620 is also highly efficient in terms of energy consumption and media usage. It introduces a new standby mode that significantly reduces costs and increases profitability by utilizing energy at less than 0.5W.

Every DS620 printer comes with a 12 Month Warranty as part of the purchase package, providing peace of mind and ensuring worry-free performance for your profitable photo business.

Key Features:

  • Impressive Speed: With a capacity for up to 400 prints per hour, the DS620 is exceptionally fast, producing prints in just 8.3 seconds.
  • Multiple Formats: Supports various formats, from 2″x6″ photobooth fun strips to 6″x8″ enlargements.
  • Print Quality: Delivers high gloss and crisp colors on the front of your photos, with a watermark on the back.

How To Replace Media


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