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Nexlab NL2000

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The powerful system to make your photofinishing service profitable.



The powerful system to make your photofinishing service profitable.

The DNP Nexlab NL2000 is a highly efficient photo production centre that will make your life simple and reduce your total cost of ownership. Producing up to 1,000 photos per hour, you will be able to process your customers’ images at superior quality.

The user interface both of the order software and of your production manager behind the counter are simple to operate. Servicing comes at a much better price than you’re used to from Silver Halide minilabs, and daily maintenance basically consists of turning it on in the morning and changing consumables from time to time. The ingenious print sorter and backprinter will make your life easy in delivering the images to the respective customer.

And not only are you very flexible in where to place the unit, but you also don’t have to waste any space in your store: the footprint of this workhorse is only 0.56m².

Dye-sublimation comes with significant advantages over both Silver Halide and Inkjet systems.

Choose the Nexlab NL2000 for high volumes of photo processing – instantly in your store!


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